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5 Essential Bedroom Items

Our top 5 "must-haves" for any bedroom

Whether you are moving into a new home, or looking to give your bedroom a new 'look', we give our thoughts on the 5 most important items to be found in your bedroom

1) Dressing Table

A dressing table is the perfect place to relax and get yourself ready for the mornings, whilst adding an elegant touch to the room. Why not twin your table with a beautiful mirror to help create the perfect style you were looking for.

2) Luxury Wardrobe

Whether your bedroom is spacious or cosy, a beautiful wardrobe can make a big difference to your daily routine. With space-saver or walk-in wardrobes, you can create a feeling of space to make choosing your daily ensemble a truly pleasurable experience. Alternatively, you could opt for a wardrobe that offers more of a decorative element to accentuate the theme you are working to create.

3) Decorations

Bedroom decorations are key to creating a room that is truly individual. Whether it is a framed piece of art, a rug or family pictures, these pieces are key to showing your personality and creating a space that is truly 'yours'.

4) Bedside Table

Having a bedside table with bedside light is key to evening relaxation. Relax into your bed with a book or magazine, and simply reach over to switch off the light when you are drifting off. Bedside tables are also important for keeping your night-time pieces nearby, such as glasses or sleep masks.

5) High Quality Bedding

The key to a good night's sleep is to feel totally warm, relaxed and comfortable while you sleep. We believe that this all comes down to the bedding and bed linen you use on your bed. Silk is the most luxurious material in the world, and twinned with its beauty benefits and temperature regulation properties we believe that Silksleep bedding is perfect to help you drift peacefully into sleep.