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Top 10 Chalet Inspired Bedrooms

With winter here, we take a look at Chalet Bedrooms and provide tips on how to recreate them at home.

Winter is well and truly here! So we wanted to take a look at Chalet inspired bedrooms designed to help you stay cosy whilst you gaze out onto the snowy mountaintops (or at least imagine you are!).

Relaxing Neutral Tones

One common theme throughout these bedrooms is wood. The use of wood helps to create a calming and relaxing environment, whilst helping to bring the stunning views of the outside in. Which in turns means it's best to stick to neutral colours within your bedroom such as browns, soft pinks or even light blues to replicate the outside environment.


From wood to fur your chalet inspired room needs a bit of texture. Use a sheepskin rug by your bed or place an upholstered chair in heavy material in the corner of your room. If you're feeling adventurous why not use a pair of old wooden skis on the wall or a snowboard as shelves?

A View!

Lastly to really create a truly inspired chalet bedroom you need a view! Whether that's by using woodland wallpaper or by showcasing your snow holiday pictures in rustic frames.

In addition to all of the above of course you'll need a nice toasty duvet such as our combination duvet set.