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Top 10 Modern Bedrooms

Our top 10 modern bedroom designs

Whilst some may prefer the cosy feeling of a traditional bedroom, modern bedrooms are becoming more and more popular. Here we look at the main features of these bedrooms, and give out top 10 selection. 


One of the most notable features of a modern bedroom is the typically minimalistic feel. All the necessities are there: bed, chairs, bedding and dressers. But other than that it is important to create a feeling of space, without much 'clutter'. Why not add a lightweight, 100% mulberry silk duvet to your room to add a luxurious feel?

Colour Schemes

Most modern bedrooms will use lighter colours (such as cream or ivory) intersperced with other, brighter colours. This 2-tone effect creates a clean feel for the room, and stops it seeming "dull". Using bright colours such as pink or purple can create more of a contrast, and make the room stand out. Our beautiful pillowcases and duvet covers are the perfect addition to your colour scheme, whether you are looking for a lighter ivory colour or the darker chocolate/black colours.


Lines might be the most important feature of a modern bedroom. All of the furniture and decoration within the bedroom should have clean, defined lines to make a very tidy effect where everything seems to have its place. However, achieving this seemingly effortless effect can take much thinking and planning as to where each item should go. However, we think it's well worth it to create a 'cool' modern bedroom.