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Top Ten Country Bedrooms

Escape to the bustle of the city with our top ten country bedrooms

The main aim of a country bedroom is to be comfortable, with cosy blankets and soft bedding after a hard day of work. Whether in your very own cottage or a suburban semi-detached home, creating a country look is easier than you may think. Read on for some easy tips to bring the carefree living of the countryside into your bedroom.

Shabby chic and secondhand

Shabby chic is a big part of the country look, nothing too polished or shiny that would look out of place in an English cottage. Heading to vintage and secondhand shops is a great way of finding interesting curios to fill your bedroom with. The first image in the gallery uses a stack of painted suitcases as a makeshift bedside table, a unique feature and interesting talking point for a guest bedroom.

Another fun way of showing off your vintage shop finds is hanging plates on the wall, the grander the designs the better. A classic willow pattern is a good start, or maybe you could think about trying to find the gaudiest designs you can.

An English country garden

An important theme in the country bedrooms shown above is flowers: in the prints on throws and blankets, in pictures on the wall and in vases on bedside tables. Before the mention of floral prints brings to mind granny's chintz sofa, that needn't be the case as there are plenty of more modern designs which will look fresh and chic. When complimenting your bed linens with floral throws, try mix-matching prints for a homely, lived-in feel. 

Another popular look in country bedroom is patchwork, whether present in a blanket, throw or cushion cover. A patchwork quilt is a perfect representation of the ethos of a country bedroom: pretty and functional without a big emphasis on a polished appearance. And when resting on top of one of our silk duvets, it brings a band of colour into the room.