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Top Ten Natural Bedrooms

Go back to your roots with our list of top nature bedrooms

Aside from setting up a tent in your back garden, there are plenty of ways to introduce nature into your bedroom. From a simple bunch of flowers, to introducing a natural colour theme, the gallery above should hopefully give you plenty of ideas. We've tried to avoid looks which would require you to renovate your whole room or conveniently swap your home for a flashy city pad, so there should be something for everyone!

The general rule for achieving a natural look is to stick to neutral colours such as soft tans, whites and browns. This doesn't mean that your room should end up looking drab though, make sure that a bright potted plant or colourful light feature makes your room that extra bit special. Speaking of potted plants, bringing some greenery into your bedroom can improve air quality. Just don't tell your Feng Shui guru, as the growth and vibrancy of a plant is said to go against the calm, restfulness aura your bedroom should have.

If you've already made the choice to ditch polyester for one of our silk duvets, why not make the full transition and get back to nature?