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Top Ten Red Bedrooms

A selection of romantic red bedrooms to give a little interior design inspiration

Red is a bold colour choice in interior design, demanding all the attention in the room. Red raises a room's energy level and makes it feel sophisticated and warm any by the gentle glow of a bedside lamp, it will appear rich and elegant. 

Simply Red

Some may find red overpowering if used on every wall in a room. Instead, highlight key pieces of furniture in red such as a lampshade or headboard. If you're matching white with red, perhaps with some of our white silk bedding sets, red cushions are an easy way off adding red to your colour palette. When picking a shade of red to use in your bedroom, you should carefully consider how much of your room will end up being red. If you are looking to paint more than one wall, a deeper shade of red might be a better choice. Too much of a brighter colour may be overpowering in a bedroom, especially when you are trying to fall asleep peacefully. If you are only using red in statement pieces, the brighter the better to attract attention and stand out from the rest of the furniture.

Interior Design Tips

When deciding on what colour to match your red room with, from the gallery above you can see that white and black are common choices. If you want something a little softer, grey matches well. The first bedroom incorporates green into the room successfully, showing that you needn't shy away from bursting the confines of monochromatic accessories. Also, deep mahogany furniture gives the room a warm, luxury feel. A little tip if you're thinking about painting your room red, a dark grey primer is recommended to ensure that the hue appears as expected. Using a standard light undercoat can make much more work for yourself, bumping up the number of coats required to get the colour on the tin.