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Top Ten Rustic Bedrooms

Here's a rundown of the top ten shabby chic bedrooms

All of us wish our houses could look like they were taken from the pages from an interior design magazine. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way of best laid plans and leaves your home looking a little scruffy round the edges. But for those of us who prefer their houses to look a little lived in, a rustic look might be best for your bedroom. We've collected ten of our favourite looks in the gallery above, showing off a mix of exposed brickwork, wooden floors and vintage furniture.

Secondhand treasures

If you want an authentic rustic look, furniture from the Ikea catalogue isn't really going to work. Head to your nearest secondhand furniture store or charity shop to pick yourself up a bargain. Don't worry if you spot a bedside table which would look great but is showing signs of its age, take it home, sand it down and apply a few coats of white wood paint for a fresh, bright makeover. The same can be said for the remaining contents of your room, adding a few interesting pre-loved finds will add a whole lot of character compared to purchases fresh out of their packaging. Vintage fairs, eBay and Etsy should be frequent destinations to find yourself great little pieces to make your room truly unique and give your room a homely feel. Of course, make sure the final purchase on your shopping list is a silk bedding set and a silk duvet from Silksleep! 

Rustic colour schemes

If you're lucky enough to have some of the architectural features displayed in the gallery above in your own home, such as an exposed wall or beautiful exposed floorboards, be sure to make them a main feature of your room. Of course, to counteract the effects of a dark wall or floor, white is a popular choice for the remaining walls. Or, like some of the bedrooms in the gallery, go for a pastel colour or cream for a bit of warmth.