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Top Ten Yellow Bedrooms

Brighten up your bedroom with a sunny yellow colour scheme

Playing it a little too safe with your interior design choices can leave your bedroom looking a little dull. Add a little zest to your colour scheme with a splash of yellow during your next redesign. Whether you go for canary, lemon or even custard yellow, the outcome will be a bright, happy haven that will be a joy to wake up in. We've collected ten of our favourite yellow bedrooms to give you a little interior inspiration.

Contrast is key

Some might have the misconception that yellow might be overbearing when used in interior design, or end up looking like a construction site. As you can see in the bedrooms above, a stylish look can be achieved by contrasting the yellow in your room with a darker colour such as grey or a deep blue. Alternatively, using yellow sparingly as an accent can give a little pop of colour.

Accessorising your room

One simple way of bringing some yellow into your bedroom colour scheme is with fresh cut flowers. Tulips, roses, and unsurprisingly, sunflowers look beautiful in yellow and would make a bright addition to a bedside table. If you don't want to commit to painting a whole wall yellow, a framed print of one of the mentioned flowers could bring some yellow into your colour sheme while being an attractive addition to your decor.

Matching yellow with your Silksleep bedding

When introducing yellow into your room alongside your Silksleep bedding, how about matching a crisp white silk duvet cover and pillowcases with yellow cushions and accessories? Your room will look as fresh as a daisy! If you're still completing your Silksleep collection, don't forget to have a look at our silk duvets for a restful night's sleep in your bright new room.