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New Mothers Rate our Silk Eye Masks

Find out what a group of new mothers had to say about our silk eye masks

Perfect for daytime napping

Hannah from Make Do and Push was searching for an aid to daytime napping when we sent her one of our silk eye masks to try. One of the features she especially liked was the two soft eye-pads which cushion your face as you sleep, as well as feeling extra soft. Read her full review of our silk eye masks on her blog.

"Even if I don't want to nap, it's wonderful just to lie there in silence with a beautiful baby asleep on you and relax underneath the mask."

Coverting the unconvinced

When it came to Lauren from I'm Better in Real Life, it took a little persuasion to get her to try one of our eye masks. She writes how her first reaction to us contacting her was that eye masks were solely reserved for 'dramatic starlets' and that she assumed that she would feel clautrophobic wearing one. We told her that we were more than confident that she would notice a difference and were pleased when her review including the following:

"I have never fallen asleep faster than I do when I wear the eye mask. Ever. I am a total convert after only 1 week."

A great sleep training aid

When asking tired new mothers to test run our eye masks, Amber from Four to Adore (pictured above) has certainly had her share of sleepless nights when raising her quadruplets! After a period of only achieving 2 hours of sleep per night, Amber and her partner George sleep trained their babies at four months of age to sleep for extended periods, returning their sleep routine to a reasonable amount. 

"The first night wearing my Silksleep mask was divine! ... I woke the next morning still wearing it and feeling refreshed."

Thank you once again to all our mummy bloggers who tested out our silk eye masks, we hope they provide you with plenty of well-rested nights!