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Silk Eye Masks for Insomniacs

We look at why insomniacs should consider a silk eye mask

In this silk eye mask blog series we are looking at how silk eye masks can benefit different types of people. Insomniacs can benefit from wearing a silk eye mask to sleep, as it blocks out all light and distractions. It can also form part of a bedtime ritual.

Establish a sleep ritual

For those who have trouble sleeping, defining a sleep ritual can be important part of getting into the habit of sleeping regularly. Having an activity which you do exclusively before bedtime, such as listening to a particular song or slipping on your eye mask, signals to your body that it is time for bed.

Block out all distractions

Silksleep's silk eye mask softly cushions your face while blocking out all of the light in the room. Unlike cheaper alternatives, the eye mask comfortably sits on your face without pinching or falling off during the night.

Wake up looking refreshed

As well as staying up the majority of the night, the second curse of the insomniac are the tired eyes caused by the lack of sleep. Wearing a silk eye mask encourages reabsorption of moisture in the area around the eyes, combating the effects of a sleepless night.

Are you convinced yet? Silksleep offer a range of silk eye masks in a number of attractive shades, available for £28.50. Made from a 100% mulberry silk case and filling, a silk eye mask is a luxurious way of getting a better night's sleep.