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Silk Eye Masks for New Mothers

We look at why new mothers should consider a silk eye mask

In this silk eye mask blog series we are looking at how silk eye masks can benefit different types of people, the first of which is new mothers. It's no surprise that sleep is important to those with small children in the house, here are three reasons how a silk eye mask could help you sleep deeply.

Daytime naps

It's a well known fact that new mothers should try and sleep whenever their baby does. Night times are going to be interrupted, which makes daytime naps extra precious. While your baby may be able to fall asleep when required, getting some shut eye yourself may be a bit of a trickier task especially when it's bright outside. Our soft cushioned silk eye masks block out all the light in the room to allow those who have trouble sleeping to drift off without being disturbed.

Get back to sleep quickly

Depending on how well your baby sleeps through the night, you will no doubt be up multiple times to tend to them. After each interruption, getting back to sleep again as swiftly as possible is important to ensure you at least get a few hours of deep, restorative sleep. Slipping your silk eye mask back on allows you to eliminate distractions and get back to a peaceful slumber.

Fresh faced after long nights

Tired eyes and dull skin a new mother's biggest beauty enemy. By wearing a silk eye mask while sleeping, the skin around the eyes will be kept hydrated, so much so that it can even help reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Are you convinced yet? Silksleep offer a range of silk eye masks in a number of attractive shades, available for £28.50. Made from a 100% mulberry silk case and filling, a silk eye mask is a luxurious way of getting a better night's sleep.