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Silk Eye Masks for Professionals

We look at why business people and professionals should consider a silk eye mask

In this silk eye mask blog series we are looking at how silk eye masks can benefit different types of people. Businessmen and women lead busy lives, working late into the night and rising early for meetings. Sleep is important to ensure that you can tackle the day's challenges head on and with full concentration.

International flights

Sleeping on planes becomes an essential skill if you're constantly jetsetting across the globe. Some of us find it harder than others, not that surprising when you consider that you're essentially trying to snooze in a noisy metal tube filled with people! Taking a Silksleep silk eye mask on a flight allows you to block out all visual distractions for a deep, uninterrupted sleep. Don't forget to pack your earplugs too!

Unfamiliar hotel rooms

Attending conferences or client meetings can sometimes mean staying overnight in a varying quality level of hotels. Even in the plushest, 5-star surroundings, nothing beats the familiarity of your bed at home. Bring a bit of your bedtime ritual with you next time you have to sleep on the job with your silk eye mask.

Office naps

If you're lucky enough to have a lunch break long enough, squeezing in a short 30 minute nap has been proven to increase afternoon productivity. Multiple studies have shown at as well as productivity, a nap can also increase alertness and improve the napper's mood. Remembering to take your silk eye mask with to work will allow you block out the afternoon sun and enjoy your nap in peace.

Are you convinced yet? Silksleep offer a range of silk eye masks in a number of attractive shades, available for £28.50. Made from a 100% mulberry silk case and filling, a silk eye mask is a luxurious way of getting a better night's sleep.