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Silk Eye Masks for Students

We look at why students should consider a silk eye mask

In this silk eye mask blog series we are looking at how silk eye masks can benefit different types of people. Students are known for late nights of excess, hence why when they actually do get to sleep, ensuring it is deep and restorative is important. Napping between study sessions is also a great way of increasing productivity for the afternoon.

Exam preparation

Lots of revision, eating well and a good night's sleep are all recommended for doing your best in exams. With all the pressure and nerves, sometimes it can be hard to switch off and fall asleep, leaving you up all night worrying. Wearing a silk eye mask blocks out all distractions and lets you focus on getting to sleep.

Daytime sleeping

After coming in from a night out and finally getting to sleep in the early hours of the morning, the last thing you want is to be woken by the light in your room. Wearing a silk eye mask blocks out all the light while being comfortable and soft to wear.

Late nights

After a long week of lectures, seminars and studying, letting your hair down is an essential part of the student schedule. Burning the candle at both ends and coupled with drinking (perhaps a little too much!) alcohol can play havoc with your skin. As well as making sure you rehydrate before bed, we recommend wearing a silk eye mask to ensure that the skin around the eyes is kept hydrated compared to sleeping on cotton.

Are you convinced yet? Silksleep offer a range of silk eye masks in a number of attractive shades, available for £28.50. Made from a 100% mulberry silk case and filling, a silk eye mask is a luxurious way of getting a better night's sleep.