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Silk for Summer 2013: Silk Styles & Trends

We look at the resurgence of silk in Summer 2013 fashion trends

Silk for every age

Silk should be a wardrobe staple regardless of the age of the owner. From dainty silk dresses for little girls, prom dresses for teens and to stylish silk scarves for women, silk is as versatile as it is beautiful. Style expert Deborah Boland recently discussed how silk scarf tops can be a bold, refreshing choice on Fabulous After 40. She lists each of the ways that a silk top can be styled; chic, country or sophisticated, silk can be used at a variety of occasions. 

Vintage & Repurposed Silk

Silk has been used for hundreds of years for its nourishing properties to the skin, as well as its elegant appearance. Fashion trends have also seen it appear in various forms, the (slightly questionable!) silk shirts of the 70s and the ever-elegant Hermes and Chanel scarves. Silk is surprisingly durable and can be used for years after purchase, which is all the more reason to find a forgotten piece of silk and give it another chance to shine. That's not to say that your only option is to go to a vintage store and pick yourself up a silk dress, crafty blogger Rachael from Talk2TheTrees has a simple tutorial on how you can thriftily turn two silk scarves into a unique, Summer shirt. Taking just five minutes to complete and costing less than $5, the result is an attractive top that will stand out amongst a sea of high-street purchases.

Silk Advice & Questions

We hope that we've given some food for thought on how you can incorporate silk into your 2013 wardrobe. If you need some advice on how to get silk into your bedroom, have a look at our range of silk duvets and frequently asked silk duvet questions. Still have a question you're itching to ask? Leave a comment below or leave us a message on our Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Image credit: Jason Hargrove on Flickr