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Why our silk sheets?

Ever wondered if silk sheets are worth the investment?

We are so proud of our silk sheets, we wanted to highlight them in a blog post to showcase their best features.

Price Comparison

At Silksleep, we aim to achieve the perfect balance between quality and price. Compared with another leading manufacturer of high quality silk bed linen, our ivory flat sheets are available at £190 for a king/super king compared to £239 from our competitors. Our fitted sheets are also cheaper at £170 for king sized, compared to £199. We also offer the lowest prices on delivery, with free next day delivery anywhere within the UK and no minimum spend!

Flat vs. Fitted Sheets

What are the features of our silk bed sheets?

Our fitted sheets have elastic all the way around the edge of the sheet, which stops the lifting of the sheet which can happen if the elastic is only at the corners. The dimensions of these are 90 x 190 x 26cm for a single, 140 x 190 x 26cm for the double, 150 x 200 x 26cm for the king and 180 x 200 x 26cm for the super-king.

Our flat sheets are larger, with extra material to allow the edges to be tucked under the mattress. Dimensions are 180 x 275cm for a single, 230 x 275cm for a double and 290 x 275cm for the king/super-king sized sheets. These sheets offer the perfect alternative to mattresses which are deeper than the 26cm the fitted sheets allow.


If you still need more convincing, why not see what our customers had to say:

"The quality of your silk silk bed sets is unrivalled. Best of the best." Mrs Karen Durham

"Your sheets are simply amazing. Where have Silksleep been all my life?" Mrs Jane Sharp

"I threw my cotton sheet away yesterday as I can't see myself ever using it again. Your silk sheets are fantastic." Mrs L Bell

"Your sheets make me feel like royalty every time I climb into bed" Brian Newman