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Summer bedding: Why Silksleep?

We take a look at why our products are perfect for the warmer months

With the weather warming, we take a look at why our 100% Mulberry Silk products are perfect for your summer bedding change

Silksleep Bedding

Along with the natural breathability of the mulberry silk within our duvets, all silk fibres are laid by hand creating an intricate grid design which allows air to move freely through it. This gives our silk products the ability to regulate your temperature whilst you sleep. This removes heat from your body and transfers it to the outside environment, allowing you to stay cool while you sleep. 

More traditional duvets, such as down duvets, work through providing a insulative barrier to keep your body heat under the covers. This insulative barrier can lead to overheating, with some cold spots if the filling isn't evenly distributed. This can lead to you feeling "weighed down" by your duvet. Silk by comparison is breathable, evenly laid and extremely light, allowing you to move freely throughout the night.

All of these features combine to create a lightweight, breathable duvet which will allow you to stay cool while you sleep.

We also offer our summer duvets as a combination set, ready for the colder months.

Silksleep Bed Linen

Whilst using your silk summer duvet in a non-silk duvet cover - such as cotton - would still offer the breathability benefits, our bed linen is the perfect compliment to our summer duvets. Silksleep's high quality 400 thread count silk bed sheets, silk duvet covers and silk pillowcases look and feel luxurious, and also offer a range of beauty benefits to your summer bedding set. 

Why not find out more about the benefits of silk bed linen - particularly silk pillowcases - compared to cotton on our Silksleep blog post.

All our products

At Silksleep we have taken the time to source our high quality silk from small, family-run farms which ensure a fair wage for the silk farmers. We also do not use any chemicals during the manufacturing of our products, meaning they are the better, organic option.