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Introducing 2 new silk pillowcase styles

Housewife and King-Sized Oxford styles are now available

Following the popularity of our Oxford style Silk Pillowcases, we are proud to announce our 2 new styles of silk pillowcase

Housewife Pillowcases

These beautiful pillowcases are made with the same high quality mulberry silk, with a thread count of 400 and a momme weight of 19. These pillowcases can accomodate pillows of standard size (50 x 75 cm), elegantly encasing them with silky smooth luxury mulberry silk. These pillowcases do not have the border feature as seen in the oxford style, and instead frame the pillow perfectly.

King-Sized Oxford Pillowcases

An extension of our popular oxford style pillowcases with the 5 cm border feature, these luxury silk pillowcases can accommodate larger king-sized pillows of dimensions 50 x 90 cm. All our pillowcases offer beauty benefits to keep your skin moisturised and give you a glowing complexion.

If you would like to order one of these styles not yet listed on the website, please contact us on 01243 633350 and we will be happy to arrange the order over the phone