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The Secrets of Hanoi Silk Weaving

We take a look at the Van Phuc silk village in Vietnam, one of the largest silk-producing countries in the world

If you find yourself, like many other tourists, lured to Van Phuc (10km from Hoan Kiem Lake) you will encounter a village full of brightly coloured silk products of every variety. Throughout the long history of silk manufacturing, silk has been a product considered to be of extreme luxury on par with ivory and other pervious handworks in Vietnam. The weaving techniques of silk have changed many times since the first weaving techniques, with most modern methods now using automated machinery. 

Why is Van Phuc different?

Van Phuc Silk Village is proud to be the origin of the best silk-making industry of Vietnam, and it still uses the same traditional looms it has been using for generations. Almost all the houses along the paths of this village have been converted into silk-selling shops. In fact, of the 1,280 households in this village 90% are involved in silk production or business!

Van Phuc offers tourists the chance to see the entire process of silk weaving, from harvesting the silk cocoons from the silkworm to the beautiful finished products. To meet the changing demands for this luxury material, the silk weavers are expanding their product range to include traditional silk, embroidered silk, double layers and a variety of colours and weights. All new techniques must be carefully considered in terms of drying and processing the threads, to ensure that these products are still oh high quality and durability.