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Spring Clean with Silksleep

We wrote a post a couple of years ago on how to keep your silk linens in top condition, you can find this post here. With Spring upon us we wanted to revisit this post and take a look at how to look after your duvets too.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your silk duvet staying fresh and as wonderful as the day you purchased it.

Never Wash

We advise you not to put your silk duvet in the washing machine, this will only upset the silk innards. Instead we suggest you air your duvet out twice a year to allow it to breath and bring the silk back to life, do make sure it stays out of direct sunlight. Silk is naturally an inhospitable environment for dust mites so no further care is really necessary.

Spot Clean

We advise using a duvet cover with our duvets to protect and to prevent any damage. However if for some reason you mark your duvet we advise spot cleaning the soiled area. Simply use a warm damp cloth and a silk detergent such as Tenestar and gently clean.

If for some reason you are unable to treat the problem or there's a large stain then we suggest heading to your nearest silk specialist cleaner who will be able to assist you.

Cover it up!

It sounds silly to advise this but we really do highly recommend using a duvet cover! It is not only hygienic but it will also protect your duvet and help keep it fresh.

Keeping it Fresh

When storing your duvets and pillows for the season we suggest keeping them in our storage bags out of direct sunlight and in a cool dry environment. In doing so you will ensure your wonderful bedding stands the test of time.