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5 Common Silk Myths

We answer 5 common misconceptions about silk

Silk was first discovered in 3,000 BC, and has always been considered a material of pure luxury. Whilst silk remains a luxurious material today, it is now more affordable and durable than ever. In our "5 silk myths" blog post, we aim to answer some FAQs about this beautiful material.

5 Silk Myths

1 - "Silk is cold"

On the contrary! Our silk duvets are filled with hand-laid 100% long-strand mulberry silk, which has been tacked carefully at regular intervals. This creates even coverage (no cold spots) and allows breathability through the duvet. This breathability allows air to travel through the duvet, keeping you cool you during the summer and warm during the winter.

2 - "Silk is no different to down"

Silk creates a naturally inhospitable environment for dust mites, and therefore is considered a hypoallergenic product. Perfect for those who suffer from dust mite allergies! Our silk bed linen also has a range of beauty benefits, including fighting the appearance of fine lines and keeping the skin moisturised. Find out more about how silk is able to offer these amazing benefits on the Silksleep blog.

3 - "Silk duvets need to be dry cleaned"

The amazing breathability and heat-regulation of this product means sweating during the night - the main source of bacteria in duvets - is reduced, and hence the cleaning requirements are minimal. In fact, these beautiful and lightweight duvets will only need to be aired a few times a year (with spot cleaning when heavily soiled) to rejuvenate the silk fibres, and keep the duvet fresh. We do not recommend any other treatment, as exposure to water and chemicals can damage the silk fibres.

4 - "Silk bed linen must be hand washed"

Another common misconception; all of our silk products can be washed in the washing machine! We recommend using a delicate cycle at 30oC and using silk-specific detergent such as Tenestar. Placing the items in a laundry bag will also help to reduce catching/tearing inside the machine.

5 - "Silk is very expensive"

This can be one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about silk products. At Silksleep, our priority is to maintain a good balance between quality and price. Whilst the upfront costs of buying silk bedding and silk bed linen might be higher than other bedding, our 400 thread count/19 momme products are of the highest quality and therefore are very durable. With appropriate care, the lifespan of these products means that the costs over time are much lower.