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5 Ways to Keep Your Silk Linens in Top Condition

Five tips on how to take care of your silk bed linens

Here are a few tips to keep your silk linens as smooth and luxurious as the day you bought them for years to come.

Place in a Protective Bag

When washing, we would recommend placing your silks linens in a protective sack such as a cotton pillowcase. This will avoid the pulling action that a washing machine will put on the seams of your duvet,

Never Bleach

Using bleach on your silk bed linen damages the silk fibres permanently. For staining, we would recommend contacting a specialist cleaner for advice.

Ironing & Drying Your Sheets

After washing, dry your sheets naturally rather than using a machine as a spin dryer can put unnecessary stress on the seams of the silk. Similarly, avoid tumble drying but use a cool setting if necessary. When ironing your sheets, ensure to do it while they are inside out and still slightly damp. Keep the iron on a cool setting to avoid damage to the silk.

Wash on a Cool Setting

Make sure that when washing, you use warm water rather than hot. Most modern washing machines have a silk setting but if not, we recommend washing at 30°C.

Use Tenestar

Tenestar has been specially formulated to enhance and retain the texture of silk fibre when washing in both machine and hand washes. The mixture does not contain phosphates or optical brighteners, instead only containing ingredients formulated for the optimal silk care. Tenestar is available in 240ml bottles for £9.50 on the Silksleep website.