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Silk body armour for a real life Spider-Man

Silk as body armour? Our Spidey sense is tingling...

When thinking of words to describe silk, 'luxurious', 'smooth and 'soft' no doubt come to mind. We wouldn't blame you if 'tough' wasn't on the top of your list, but that may need rectifying after reading further.

Scientists have recently been experimenting using silk from the Bark Spider as an alternative to traditional body armour. Bark Spider silk is over ten times as strong as man-made Kevlar, the synthetic material which is currently used in armour such as bulletproof vests. As well as being stronger, silk increases manoeuvrability, has higher flexibility and is more breathable on skin. Spider silk also has the ability to stretch to 40% beyond its original length without breaking, an important factor when designing the next generation of body armour. The only tripping point for an army of real life Spider-men is that textile expert Simon Peers took over four years and required over a million spiders to create an eleven by four feet piece of fabric. Not ideal when outfitting an army!

Unlike the silk produced from spiders, our products originate from silkworms, extra luxurious and much finer than the silk produced by spiders. We also won't be running of silk sheets anytime soon, silk worms quite happily produce plenty of silk to go round, whereas spiders need a little more convincing. We like to think of our silk duvets as your very own body armour against the elements, thin enough to cover your body snugly whilst maintaining a comfortable level of warmth. Have a look at our complete silk bedding section to spruce up your bedroom with all things silk.