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Silk Duvets: How to Pick the Best Duvet For You

A guide to deciding which duvet would be best for you; either Summer, Autumn, Combination or His & Hers

Swapping to one of our silk duvets will provide a host of benefits including being a better insulator, lighter and easier to manage, and relief for allergy and asthma sufferers. Once people have made the decision to switch, we often get asked for advice on which duvet to purchase. This post aims to highlight the differences between our four types of duvet: Summer, Autumn, Combination or His & Hers.

Summer Duvets

These have a tog rating of 2-4 for a light, Summer slumber. Even a polyester or down duvet of similar tog can prove to be too much during the height of Summer. Unlike alternatives, silk is a breathable material which allows heat to pass through it, avoiding overheating. In turn, nighttime perspiration is reduced. This duvet is ideal for the warmer months, covering you without being stuffy.

Autumn Duvets

Our Autumn duvets have a tog rating of 9-11. The first thing you will notice about our Autumn duvet is that while it may have the same tog rating as a down based one, it will be a lot thinner and easier to manage. This is due to the fact that the long-strand Mulberry silk found in a Silksleep duvet is a better insulator, allowing you to maintain a more stable temperature without overheating. The Autumn duvet is warm enough for most users throughout both the Autumn and Winter.

Combination Duvets

For those who are looking for a year-round silk experience, our combination duvet may be the best choice. Consisting of both our Autumn and Summer duvets, the combination duvet can be used as a whole or separated into sections depending on temperature. When complete, the combination duvet has a tog rating of 11-15, the warmest option of the duvets.

His & Hers Duvets

The Silksleep His & Hers duvet is split down the centre into two varying tog levels; one side is 9 tog and the other 3.5. This is the perfect choice for couples who struggle to agree on the tog rating of their duvet.

We hope that this guide has defined the differences between our duvets for you, don't forget to have a look at our duvet tog guide for an in-depth look at what the number ratings means on your duvet. If you're left unsure over any aspect of our duvets, please get in touch and we would be happy to help.