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Silk Pavilion: Silkworms create man-made cocoon

Watch this beautiful video to see silkworms spinning a man-made cocoon

As you already know, silk is a naturally produced substance which originates from silkworms. 'Silk Pavilion' is an recent experiment by the Mediated Matter Research Group that explored the relationship between digital and biological fabrication. Over 6500 silkworms were placed onto the base of a dome consisting of 26 silk polygon panels, working until the whole structure had been covered in a layer of their own silk. If you were to unravel the silk from the exhibit, it would extend from Boston to Hawaii.

The dome was created using an algorithm influenced by the silkworm's ability to generate a 3-dimensional cocoon, assigning a single continuous thread across patches providing various degrees of density. Patterns formed within the silk by sunlight shining onto it, caused the silkworms to gather in the areas which were most heated. This in turn varied the thickness of the structure and gives it a gauzy, cloud-like appearance. Have a watch of the mesmerising video below to see the silkworms spinning a beautiful silk cocoon:

The crisscross nature of the layering of the silk strands is similar to the filling of one of our silk duvets, regulating heat and maintaining a balanced temperature within. For more information on our silk duvets, please visit our online store.