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The Science of Silk

The 'how' of silk science

The benefits of silk have been discussed and are widely known - the material is less abrasive than other materials, it allows the skin to retain moisture and can regulate its temperature to suit you. Silk proteins have also been used in a number of health and beauty products - but how? And why? This article will shed light on the science of silk so that you can fully understand the benefits of our silk products. 

Where do the silk benefits come from?

The science of silk relies on amino acids which are, quite simply, the 'building blocks' of proteins. Most of the amino acids that make up silk are very small, so can be easily absorbed through the skin, and their structure allows them to bind to water and keep skin moisturised. 

What beauty products make use of the amino acid science?

Silk amino acids are used in eyelash and hair treatments as these molecules have the ability to enter the hair follicles, and provide moisture and strength to the hair 'from the ground up'. Moisturisers that contain silk amino acids are considered to be much more effective, and grease-free as the amino acids work directly with your skin proteins.

Which of these benefits applies to our products?

As silk amino acids can be absorbed through the skin, sleeping in silk sheets or wearing silk robes/eye masks will make full use of this science, and will have all of the wonderful beauty effects listed above! Your skin will feel refreshed, your hair will feel vibrant - and the 'bed head' will be a thing of the past!