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Top Five Silk Beauty Secrets

We uncover five of the biggest benefits for sleeping in silk

Wouldn't it be great if you could cut down the amount of time you had to spend each morning on your beauty routine? Sleeping on silk sheets and with a silk duvet can get to work on your beauty regime before you even wake, leaving your hair looking smooth and your skin glowing. Here are the top five beauty benefits of sleeping with silk.

1. Your skin will glow
Sleeping on silk allows for nighttime reabsorption of moisture. Your skin will look and feel healthier, especially important for those who suffer from dry skin. Silk is also soothing to Osteoarthritis and shingles sufferers, skin-deep beauty for every type of skin type. 

2. Overheating will be a thing of the past
The crisscross layering of the long-strand silk within our silk duvets allows for heat to pass through, keeping your nighttime temperature at a balanced level. Traditional duvets trap heat within them, which can lead to overheating. By avoiding overheating, nighttime perspiration is reduced for a cleaner, healthier bed.
3. Your hair will love you for it
Bedheads will be a thing of the past when sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Silk allows your hair to glide across the surface, rather than tangle, frizz and knot when on a cotton pillowcase. In addition to a reduced impact on your hair, it will leave your hair looking glossier and your scalp hydrated.
4. Allergies are no problem
As well as being naturally hypoallergenic, silk duvets are much less hospitable to dust-mites compared to traditional alternatives, perfect for asthma and sneezing fit sufferers.
5. Silk can be part of your anti-ageing routine
By keeping your skin hydrated and avoiding the wicking effects of cotton, silk can reduce the appearance of fine facial lines. By wearing a silk eyemask while you sleep, the delicate eye area will reabsorb moisture and keep skin hydrated.