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Why silk duvets are the perfect choice for Summer

We look at why silk duvets are the best choice for those looking for the perfect Summer slumber

Hot Summer nights may be nice for barbecues and beach parties, but when it comes to bedtime it's a whole different matter. Getting to sleep on a hot night under a bulky, traditional down or polyester duvet can prove to be a struggle, leading to many sleepless nights throughout summer. If you've been considering swapping to a silk duvet, here's three reasons why it's the right choice.

Spread Coverage

A pocket-like structure keeps the feathers in a down duvet spread throughout the casing. The problem with this structure is that the feathers then fall to the bottom of each of these pockets, leaving the top section of each thin and uneven. Swapping to a silk duvet, where the coverage is equal, eliminates this problem and gives and all over constant coverage.

Less Perspiration

A traditional duvet can cause you to sweat during the night, even if you are not prone to excessive perspiration normally. This is caused by down duvets trapping heat underneath them and overheating the sleeper. As a natural material, silk allows for air to escape whilst still maintaining regulated temperature. As there will be less perspiration produced, our 100% Mulberry silk duvets will not need to be washed as regularly as a traditional duvet.

Close Comfort

Thinner and easier to drape over yourself, a Summer silk duvet from Silksleep provides an increased level of comfort when compared to traditional duvets. As it sits closer to your body, a silk duvet reduces the number of air pockets trapped around you.