The finest silk duvets, bedding & bed linen

Mulberry silk filled bedding

By enhancing the natural heat regulating qualities of silk we aim to create the perfect nights sleep.

Silk Bedding
Silk Summer Duvet

2-4 tog - Summer Duvets

Our 2-4 tog duvet is perfect for Summer and with silk being a natural, breathable material it will enable you to maintain a more stable temperature.

Dimensions: 225x220cm
£170.00 - +

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Silk Pillows

Regular silk pillow

Balancing firmness and comfort to provide the right level of support, our silk filled pillows are available in Soft or Regular.

Dimensions: 50x70cm
£75.00 - +

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Silk Mattress Topper

Silk toppers

Our silk filled mattress toppers provide a soft natural cushion while helping your body regulate its heat throughout the night.

Dimensions: 150x200x26cm

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Total £320.00